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Dr Elisabeth Svendsen MBE
"D" is for Donkey

Kenilworth press

'The founder of the Donkey Sanctuary brings us stories of many of those her Europe-wide creation has saved...

This book serves as a fitting tribute to its Yorkshire-born author, who completed it shortly before she died this year.

After founding the Donkey Sanctuary in 1973, she extended her concern to overseas, enabling hundreds of thousands of working donkeys to receive veterinary and farriery treatment, and their owners to be given harness training and educational support.
' The Equestrian

'What a delightful book!  

This is a beautifully illustrated anthology which contains the stories and photographs of many donkeys.  

Each letter of the Alphabet is covered in 2 parts.  

The first part is about donkeys whose names begin with that letter, the second part is donkey facts, people and places.

The author had led a fascinating life and founded the Donkey Sanctuary in 1973, as well as a trust for children with special educational needs, which gives them a chance to interact with the donkeys.  

From a child of 5 she has been drawn to donkeys and her life has revolved around them.  

This compilation would appeal to anyone who loves or has a soft spot for donkeys.  

It would also make a fabulous Christmas present.'  Equi-Ads

isbn: 9781905693399
pagine: 232
formato: 20 x 25
lingua: Inglese
anno pubblicazione: 2015
euro  30.00
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