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Nina Lowe
Judging fences for cross country
Anyone who has ever judged, competed or watched eventing or hunter trials at any level will welcome this valuable handbook which explains in detail the rules, the method of marking and the duties and responsibilities of the fence judge.

Using anecdotes from personal experience, case studies and witty illustrations, Nina Lowe covers everything the enthusiast needs to know, from practical advice on what pack in the Judge's refreshment basket and how to remove swimming dogs from water hazards, to the complexities of marking penalty zones and spotting cases of unauthorized assistance on the course.

The safety of the horse, rider and spectators is fully discussed as is the correct way to deal with emergencies. Nina Lowe has written a book which will be of inestimable value to fence judges and will help everyone with an interest in eventing to a deeper understanding and greater appreciation of the sport.

isbn: 9780851315928
pagine: IX + 100
formato: 15,5 x 23,5
lingua: Inglese
euro 15.00
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