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Gail Williams BA(Hons) PhD, Martin Deacon FWCF
No foot, No horse
foot balance: the key to soundness and performance
With full colour photos and diagrams throughout, and a Foreword by Mac Head FWCF speaking as Master of the Worshipful Company of Farriers, this much-needed book explains why everyone involved with horses from farriers and vets to owners and trainers needs to understand the principles of foot balance.
No Foot, No Horse describes how good farriery can maintain and even enhance performance and soundness, how to check the horse''s medio-lateral balance with the aid of a T-square, how to assess the hoof/pastern axis, what to look for when picking up the foot,and the connection between poor feet and bad backs.

Contents include:

* The importance of foot balance

* Anatomy and biomechanics

* Assessing the horse

* Remedial bar shoes

* Poor feet and bad backs

* Hoof capsule deviations

* Flat feet and hoof cracks

* Optical illusions in farriery

* Diseased or injured feet

* Wedges, pads, studs and new materials

* Parriery into the 21st Century

isbn: 9781872119489
pagine: 144
formato: 19 x 25
lingua: Inglese
euro 34.00
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